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A visual tool for creating, embedding and sharing custom geo maps.

Public Gallery

Geomap of France
France 237
Geomap of Brazil
Brazil 364
Geomap of India
India 264
Geomap of Viet Nam
Viet Nam 211
Geomap of Bulgaria
Bulgaria 227
Geomap of Russia
Russia 315
Geomap of United Kingdom
United Kingdom 183
Geomap of Germany
Germany 313
Geomap of Belgium
Belgium 128
Geomap of Italy
Italy 187

Why should I pick Live Editor?


Configure map canvas, country, provinces, tooltip, legend.

Private Maps

Your private geo maps are not viewable for others users.

Revision History

Keep all of the changes. View and revert to earlier versions of the map.

Custom URLs

Set up meaningful URL addresses for your geo maps.


Download geo maps as PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG and HTML.


Embed maps using Javascript, IFRAME or direct link.


Rather than starting from scratch, fork existing map.

Live Preview

Instant preview of current state of the geo map.


Share your maps to social media channels.

Get started with creating a geo map

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